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Image Reference Number: ESF18_12_09
Title: Ercol upholsterer 'webbing up' a chair
Photographer: unknown
Date: 1976
Decade: 1970-1979
Manufacturer: Ercol Furniture Ltd.
Description: Colour slide: showing webbing being fitted to the back of a chair frame. Each end of the webbing is doubled over and secured, creating a loop big enough to slide a dowel through. After each end of the webbing has been passed through the frame, the dowel is slid into place fixing the tentioned webbing to
Notes: This image is an outtake from Ercol's 'Craft Around the World' slide presentation from 1976. Date is from the presentation's slide carousel box. The Wychwood suite which consisted also of a three (721/3) and two seat (721/2) sofa was one of Ercol's 'The Soft Touch' ranges of fully-upholstered living room furniture. It boasted a strong frame of 'Solid English Elm'.
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Object Dimensions (cm.): 3.6 x 2.4
Colour Type: colour
Context: In Bag 12 in Craft World folders.
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