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Image Reference Number: ESF18_12_08
Title: Ercol upholsterer 'webbing up' a chair
Photographer: unknown
Date: 1976
Decade: 1970-1979
Manufacturer: Ercol Furniture Ltd.
Description: Colour slide: showing webbing being fitted to the back of a frame of a Wychwood Easy Chair (721). Each end of the webbing is doubled over and secured, creating a loop big enough to slide a dowel through. After each end of the webbing has been passed through the frame, the dowel is slid into place fixing the webbing to the frame. In this design, webbing was fixed to the top rail of the back and front rail of the seat creating a 'hammock' type support for the seating unit.
Notes: This image is an outtake from Ercol's 'Craft Around the World' slide presentation from 1976. Date is from the presentation's slide carousel box. The Wychwood suite which consisted also of a three (721/3) and two seat (721/2) sofa was one of Ercol's 'The Soft Touch' ranges of fully-upholstered living room furniture. It boasted a strong frame of 'Solid English Elm'.
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Context: In Bag 12 in Craft World folders
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