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Image Reference Number: GBX06_21
Title: G-Plan World's Most Comfortable Chair
Photographer: Dudley Harris
Date: ca 1976-1977
Decade: 1970-1979
Manufacturer: E Gomme Ltd.
Designer/Creator: Conti, Paul
Description: Black and white photograph of G-Plan The World's Most Comfortable Chair (6250) and stool (6251)
Angle of View/Elevation: Front Right View
Text Transcript: Attached note glued to reverse of photograph.
6250 The World's Most Comfortable Chair. Recognised as one of the great modern pieces of furniture, this chair really deserves its title. Its big wings and soft foam cushioning with deeply buttoned back provide the ultimate in comfort. For added luxury it rocks, glides and swivels too - and to put your feet up on The World's Most Comfortable Footstool (6251) to match.
Stamped on reverse: Dudley Harris 53 Elizabeth Street London SW1. Telephone: 01-730-8483

Chair dimensions : overall height 40" overall width 36"
Stool dimensions: overall height 18" overall width 24"
Notes: Date based on similar photographs in the HWFA Collection. Les Dandy's notes establish the final design for The World's Most Comfortable Chair had been completed by 1962. ref: HWFA Research Material, Sept 2007, Leslie Dandy notes ' A Designer's View. Unpublished comments.
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Collection Title: HWeFA
Object Type: photographic print
Object Dimensions (cm.): 21.5 x 16.5
Colour Type: black and white
Cataloguer: Stephen Gange-Moody
Date Catalogued: 05/12/2007 00:00
Auto ID Number: 812
Categories: Furniture Models/ E. Gomme Limited / G-Plan/ 1970-1979