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Image Reference Number: ESF17_11_10
Title: Ercol: Upholstery Workshop
Photographer: unknown
Date: 1976
Decade: 1970-1979
Manufacturer: Furniture Industries Ltd.
Description: 35mm colour slide showing: An upholstery cutter at work. The fabric being cut is a linen fabric (S358), which appears in Ercol's catalogues from the late 1950s - 1993.
Notes: This image is an outtake from Ercol's 'Craft Around the World' slide presentation from 1976. Date is from the presentation's slide carousel box.
Note: Typically, for production-line process; several layers of accurately lined and pattern matched fabric were cut at the same time. Plain and all-over fabrics were cut in greater quantities because there was less of an issue with fabric movement and accuracy as there was with pattern critical fabrics. This image suggests this fabric may have been fabric supplied by a client, or a one-off?
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Object Type: transparency
Object Dimensions (cm.): 3.6 x 2.4
Colour Type: colour
Context: In Bag 11 in Craft World folders
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Categories: People/ People at Work, Furniture Manufacturing/ Processes/ Upholstery