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Image Reference Number: GBX01_13
Title: G-Plan Hi Fi cabinet
Photographer: Hess of Fox Photos Ltd.
Date: ca 1959
Decade: 1950-1959
Manufacturer: E Gomme Ltd.
Description: Photograph ofG-Plan hi-fi cabinet model no. T. 934 in Tola with black legs and brass feet. Complete home entertainment centre, with folding lid, that could serve as coffee table. Could be fitted with turntable, radio, tape recorder and amplifier.
Notes: Date based on date written in brochure showing the same model (see GM09_01). Earlier version of this model is at GBX01_11.
Technical Terms & Materials:
home entertainment systems
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Collection Title: HWeFA
Object Type: photographic print
Object Dimensions (cm.): 16 x 21.5
Colour Type: black and white
Cataloguer: Oliver Heal
Date Catalogued: 13/09/2007 00:00
Auto ID Number: 371
Categories: Furniture Models/ E. Gomme Limited / G-Plan/ 1950-1959