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Image Reference Number: GA12_050
Title: G-Plan newspaper advertisement
Photographer: unknown
Date: 20 August 1954
Decade: 1950-1959
Manufacturer: E Gomme Ltd.
Description: Proof of G-Plan advertisement in Radio Times, 20 August 1954.Photograph shows dining/living room set. Headline reads: G-Plan Furniture Ousts the Old-Time Suite.
Notes: The copy starts: "Remember the clumsy old-fashioned kind of suite that used to clutter up the "parlour"? It was always the same - an over-stuffed settee and two over-stuffed chairs identical in their overwhelming size and ugly shape...You had to have all the pieces even if you did not want to."

This is then contrasted with modern G-Plan: "...each G-Plan piece can be combined with other pieces in harmonious arrangements of your own devising. Why not adopt this new idea of furnishing? You don't need to buy all the pieces at once - you can start in a small way and add other pieces later."
dining rooms
living rooms
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