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Image Reference Number: EPBWPR001
Title: Ercol: Factory Drawing
Photographer: unknown
Date: March 13th 1920
Decade: 1920-1929
Manufacturer: Furniture Industries Ltd.
Designer/Creator: Ercolani, Lucian R
Description: Black and white photographic print showing: Lucian R. Ercolani's visionary perspective drawing for his first furniture factory on a 12 acre site, Conegra Fields, High Wycombe.
Notes: Lucian R. Ercolani notes in his autobiography, the original drawing was made on the evening of 13th March 1920 and re-discovered thirty years later by a carpenter, removing a wooden partition. He goes on to say.. 'As I approached it I arrived at a five-barred gate. Instead of opening it I climbed over it, and that offered me an incredible sight. I knew the site covered twelve acres, but it seemed much larger. The length of the meadow was about four times its width.. .. I was sure that this was the ideal site for a one-floor factory - where a plank of wood could start at one end and finish up at the other as a piece of furniture' Lucian R. Ercolani. 1975 'A Furniture Maker' Ernest Benn Ltd. London & Tonbrige. page 80.
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