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Title: Ercol: Drawing - Three Legged Stool
Photographer: unknown
Date: c. 1981
Decade: 1980-1989
Manufacturer: Ercol Furniture Ltd.
Description: B/W photographic print of: A nostalgic theme pen and ink drawing of a primitive three-legged Stool . One of a series of similarly themed images created for Ercol catalogues.
Notes: In Lucian R. Ercolani's Autobiography, he mentions the three-legged stool and its significance not only to the design of the first Ercol Windsor Chair, but subsequent Windsor range. In 1944, when the Board of Trade approached him with a potential contract to design and produce a 100,000 low cost chairs, he writes 'The chair followed the construction of the three-legged stool of great antiquity. It seemed, simply, that everything above the seat would be built down on to the seat and everything below the seat would be built up to it. This gave me and my sons, who I hoped would soon get back to me, a lead towards the new market that seemed to be growing for well made pieces of furniture expressing elegance and fitness for purpose, particularly at a low price. I began to think of other developments in which the same construction as the Winsdor chair could be used'.... Lucian R. Ercolani (1975) 'A Furniture Maker' page 138. Published by Ernest Benn Ltd.
This image has been dated from another in the same batch, one of which appears in Ercol's catalogue for 1981.
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