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Image Reference Number: GF39_07
Title: G-Plan: Guide to G-Plan Catalogue
Photographer: unknown
Date: 1962
Decade: 1960-1969
Manufacturer: E Gomme Ltd.
Description: Page A3. 'Guide to the G-Plan' 1962 catalogue, showing: TV Chair (403), Chair (6001), Easy Chair (6006). ref: GF39, G-Plan New Models Folder
Notes: Duplicate page number included in the folder with a slightly reconfigured layout.
Copyright: contact HWeFA for details about re-use of this image
Collection Title: HWeFA
Object Type: catalogue page
Object Dimensions (cm.): 21 x 33
Colour Type: black and white
Cataloguer: Stephen Gange-Moody
Date Catalogued: 15/07/2008 00:00
Auto ID Number: 1792
Categories: Advertising and Promotions/ Catalogues and Brochures/ 1960-1969, Furniture Models/ E. Gomme Limited / G-Plan/ 1960-1969