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Image Reference Number: GBX03_59
Title: G-Plan: Design Drawings
Date: 1960
Decade: 1960-1969
Manufacturer: E Gomme Ltd.
Description: Page 1. 'Studio Design Preview Xmas 1960' showing: outline designs for Dressing table (1940), Dressing Table (1910) Limba Dressing Table (1811L), ref: GBX03, G-Plan Boxed Studio Design Preview Folios.
Notes: For Dressing Table (1940) ref: GF39_48 and HC01_14.
For Dressing Table (1910) ref: GF39_49 and GF08_08
For Limba Dressing Table (1811 L) ref: GF39_38 and GF07_01 HWFA holds approx. 27 'Studio Design Preview' folios, spanning between 1960 -1976. Most are complete, several are in part. The folios were presented at 'Preview to the Board' meetings and show new designs which had reached prototype stage. Many show sketched amendments, notes and alterations.
design drawings
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Collection Title: HWeFA
Object Type: design drawing
Object Dimensions (cm.): 21 x 27
Colour Type: colour
Cataloguer: Stephen Gange-Moody
Date Catalogued: 17/07/2008 00:00
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Categories: Designs and Artwork/ Bedrooms/ 1960-1969