Viewing Item Details

You can view the full details of an item by clicking on the thumbnail or the "View details" link on the item in search results or when browsing the categories.

The "Item details" page shows a medium-size thumbnail of the item along with its associated metadata. There are also a number of actions you perform on the item depending on your permissions as a user:


If you have permission to download the item then you will see a button "Download". Clicking this takes you to the item download page.
If you do not have permission to download, but you are able to request permission from an admin user, you can do so by adding the item to your Lightbox and then requesting approval for the item from there.


If you have permission to edit this item then you will see a button "Edit". If you click this button you will be taken to the "Update item" page, which enables you to update the metadata or file associated with the item.


If you have permission to edit this item then you will also see a drop down called Admin actions. This drop down contains the option to delete the asset. On selecting this option and clicking "Go" you will be asked to confirm the deletion. If you click "OK" the item will be permanently removed from Asset Bank.

Other admin actions

If the item is an image then the admin actions drop down will also contain the option "Make featured". Selecting this and clicking "Go" will set the image to be the featured image displayed on the home page of Asset Bank.

Depending on how Asset Bank is configured you may also see the option "Add to promoted". Selecting this option and pressing Go will label this image as "promoted" which means it will display on the home page and on the Promoted Images page. Once promoted you can "demote" an image back to normal status via the Promoted Images page.

Add to Lightbox

You can add the item to your Lightbox by clicking "add to my Lightbox". If the item is already in your Lightbox then you will see a message "In Lightbox" instead of the "add to Lightbox" link.

View full size

If the item is an image then you can click the link "view full size" to see the open a new window containing the original uploaded image. Note that this may take a while to open, depending on the size of the image and the speed of your internet connection. If the image is particularly large (and thus difficult to view in a browser) then you will be presented with the additional option "view larger size". This will open a new window containing a version of the image that is larger than the thumbnail but not the full image size.

Note to admin users:

The amount of item metadata that users can see can be configured from within the Groups section of the Admin area.
As an administrator you will see all of the available attributes for the item, including asset usage.... Clicking on asset usage will open a popup window detailing when and by whom the item has been downloaded - a useful indication of the popularity of the item.