Advanced Search

The "Advanced Search" page can be accessed by clicking on the link "Advanced search" (in the Quick Search area on the Home Page) or by selecting "Advanced Search" from the left-hand menu.

Enter values for as many fields as you want in order to narrow down your search results.

If you enter values in more than one of the search criteria fields then the search results will show items that have matching attributes for ALL fields entered. For example, if you enter a value "sideboards" in the "Keywords" field and choose "Ercol" in the "Manufacturer" field, the search results will show all items that contain the keyword "sideboards" in their metadata AND for which Ercol was the manufacturer.

To perform a more restricted search, select appropriate categories from the pull-down category list, and add them to the category window by clicking "Add". Don"t forget to click the "Add" button or the selected category will not be included in the search.

If you want to search the entire database, do not select a category.

If you add multiple categories then by default the search will return items that are in one or more of the selected categories. This is specified by the dropdown: Show items in any of the selected categories. However, if you change the dropdown to all so that the text reads:Show items in all of the selected categories then the search will return only items that are in ALL of the selected categories.

Adding a parent category (i.e. a category that has sub-categories) to the search criteria will search for items that are in that parent category or any of its sub-categories. For example, if you have a category called "Furniture Models" that has two sub-categories "Dining Rooms" and "Living Rooms" then if you include "Furniture Models" in your search criteria the results will show items that are in the categories "Dining Rooms", or "Living Rooms" and any other sub-categories. If, however you add just "Dining Rooms" to your search criteria then the search will return only items that are in the "Dining Rooms" category.