My Lightbox

Your Lightbox is similar to a shopping basket. You can add items to it from the "Search results", Browse pages, or "Item details" pages. The contents of your Lightbox will only remain for the duration of your current visit to the website.  Once you close the website, the contents of your Lightbox will be deleted.

A summary of your Lightbox is displayed on every page in the "My Lightbox" panel under the left-hand menu. To see the details of your Lightbox, click on the menu item "My Lightbox", or click "View contents" in the "My Lightbox" panel.

The "My Lightbox" page lists all the items you have added to your Lightbox. For each item in the list, you can click on thumbnail or "View details" link to view its full details. Click the link "Remove", shown next to each item, to remove that item from your Lightbox. If you want to remove all of the items from your Lightbox, click the link "Remove all items" shown above the items.

From the Lightbox you can download items by either choosing the "Download All" button, or by opening up the individual images and choosing the "Download" button that appears in each image record.