The Home Page is the starting point for users of the High Wycombe Electronic Furniture Archive.  Users from the general public need not log in to use the website or download images.

Featured Image

The large image on  the right is an image we've chosen to feature.  By clicking on this image (or any other image on the Home Page) you will see further details in the image's cataloguing record.

Can You Help Identify?

Many images from our Archive show people, items of furniture or other subjects for which we have only partial information.  You can browse through our unidentified images by clicking on the link which says "See all unidentified images". If you can provide further information on the photographs in this section (or any others on our website) please contact us.

Quick Search

You can perform a "Quick search" from the home page. Simply enter one or more words into the "Keywords" box and click "Go".

Asset Bank will then search for matches in the metadata of the items (i.e. title, description, author etc.) as well as searching within the contents of textual items (for example Word files). For a more specific search click on the Advanced Search link.


The "Browse Categories" area at the bottom of the Home Page shows a list of descriptive categories so that you can browse for items by category.  You can also Browse categories by selecting the "Browse" option from the side menu.

My Lightbox

The "My Lightbox" feature allows you to select images and save them in a temporary "Lightbox".  From the Lightbox you can download images as a group.