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Image Reference Number: EGP04_01
Title: Ercol Windsor chairs
Photographer: uknown
Date: ca 1956
Decade: 1950-1959
Manufacturer: Furniture Industries Ltd.
Description: Two Ercol Windsor chairs (models 139 and 139A). An advert in 'The Cabinet Maker' 14 June 1957 p. 76 says ?It was back in 1946 at the Britain Can Make It Exhibition, I first introduced my 139 dining chair. The design, based on the native English Windsor chair was a big success?. According to this advert, the 139 was replaced by model no. 370 in 1957.
Notes: 'Furniture Industries' written on negative sleeve. '139 ARM and 139 SMALL' written on glass plate. Date based on date of magazine shown in other photographs from this batch. These models are also shown in the 'Cabinet Maker' 5 May 1952, 4 April, 1953, and 3 March 1956 and 14 July 1956.
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Windsor chairs
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