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Image Reference Number: EPBWPR005_1
Title: Ercol: Woodland Management
Photographer: unknown
Date: c. 1988
Decade: 1980-1989
Manufacturer: Ercol Furniture Ltd.
People: Roger Wicks
Description: B/W photographic print showing: Roger Wicks surveying beech woodland.
Text Transcript: ...They say the grain of a tree, the straight or wavy lines of dark and shade is its own life story, of hard winters and wet summers, of heat and light and moisture. Clear fell around a sapling, and the annual rings will grow even wider as more light reaches it. Leave the woodland to decay, and the grain closes again. .. ref: Ercol catalogue 1988, page 6.
Notes: This image appears alongside an article about woodland management in Ercol's catalogue 1988, page 6.
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Collection Title: HWeFA
Object Type: photographic print
Object Dimensions (cm.): 25 x 20
Colour Type: black and white
Cataloguer: Stephen Gange-Moody
Date Catalogued: 27/10/2008 00:00
Auto ID Number: 2317
Categories: People/ People at Work