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Image Reference Number: ENC01_95
Title: Ercol: Furniture Construction
Photographer: unknown
Date: c. 1976
Decade: 1970-1979
Manufacturer: Ercol Furniture Ltd.
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Description: Colour film positive showing: the cross section of a Modula chair frame showing the webbing process. Webbing, looped and fastened at each end is passed through pre-cut holes and pegged.
Text Transcript: ...'The webbing itself is now made with a new high-strength continuous-filament-yarn (also used in the manufacture of motor tyres), giving greatly increased tensile strength. This, together with an increase in webbing length of over one third, and a new method of fixing, has resulted in a dramatic increase in reliablity.' .. ref: 'New extra-long-life suspension - Ercol Contract Furniture' 1976 brochure.
Notes: This image is typical of those used for catalogues and exhibitions.
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Object Type: Positive, film
Object Dimensions (cm.): 16 x 12
Colour Type: colour
Cataloguer: Stephen Gange-Moody
Date Catalogued: 06/08/2008 00:00
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Categories: Furniture Manufacturing/ Processes/ Upholstery